Freja Chapter Two

It is still an upsetting week with news update on Daul's death, and reports from her friend who IM-ed her right before she hung herself... Her blog has also been changed to "invite only" status right now for investigation purposes. Still this sinking sadness every time I see her photos around.

That said, Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and I hoped you had a good one. We celebrated it at Hotel Gansevoort in Meatpacking District and had takeout from Pastis which was right beside the hotel. The food was amazing, even though it didn't look too great seeing that they were right out of the takeout boxes.

Just saw some amazing photos from the newly launched biannual Twin Magazine with Freja Beha Erichsen (featured 2 posts ago in amazing biker jacket). The magazine is created by former Lula editor Rebecca Smith and the editorial is shot by Boo George (via Fashion Gone Rouge).

freja beha erichsen1 twin magazine
freja beha erichsen2 twin magazine
freja beha erichsen3 twin magazine
freja beha erichsen4 twin magazine

freja beha erichsen5 twin magazine

freja beha erichsen6 twin magazine

freja beha erichsen7 twin magazine

freja beha erichsen8 twin magazine

She is such an amazing model too, like Daul, they have their own thing going on which is so inspirational and yet, very necessary because they add so much more personality in the fashion world. And I think I just might actually like the video more than the editorial <3.

Ending on the gender-blending, androgynous fashion note in this post is a New York Times article which reports exactly about this trend: It's All A Blur To Them

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