Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner in Marie Claire

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Fun pictures of Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner from the March 2010 issue of Marie Claire.



White out

Dree Hemingway in Calvin Klein Collection at the CFDA Awards last week

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summer spirit

i promise you you won't regret spending 7 minutes of your life watching this:
the best summer video, capturing the essence so wonderfully.


Becki Newton at SATC2 Premier

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Fendi Spring/Summer 2010 Ad


The Fendi ads for Spring/Summer 2010 are beautifully ethereal.
The last photo though, was a little weird because initially, it seems like she's wearing a lot of colorful Fendi bangles. Then it looked like it was a long glove or arm-warmer until you see that at the end where her fingers are supposed to be, it looks more like a stump. That is all before you realize her arm is actually wrapped up in a delicate piece of scarf with the rest of it floating behind blinded out by the light and movement. I don't know about you but that last photo always catches me off-guard. 
Anja Rubik shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself. 



And summer's lease hath all too short a date


New Label - OWL

The fashion show I was working on is finally over, and was a huge success. I wanted to share with you some photos from a photo shoot I organized/styled. I got to work with some amazing talents, like photographer Dai Mogi, who is also the art director for +ing, a Japanese magazine, and Aya Komatsu who did the make-up and who is probably one of the most stylish person I've ever met in my life. Of course I have to thank Takeo Suzuki, my hairstylist at Shizen NY, for helping me put all of this together, while working his usual magic in the models' hair.
Lastly, I am deeply grateful to designer Natsuki Nakano who kindly lend us her clothes to be photographed, and shown during the show. Her brand, OWL, has such an interesting yet classic, cool look that I am sure people will be grabbing her clothes off the rack when her Fall 2010 collection hits stores in New York this summer.

Natsuki Nakano OWL black strapless dress 2 NYU ACE
Natsuki Nakano OWL black top NYU ACE
Natsuki Nakano OWL black top and black pants NYU ACE
Natsuki Nakano OWL black strapless dress NYU ACE
Natsuki Nakano OWL grey jacket 2 NYU ACE
Natsuki Nakano OWL grey sweater 2 NYU ACE
Natsuki Nakano OWL grey sweater 3 NYU ACENatsuki Nakano OWL grey sweater NYU ACE

The amazing people who made these beautiful photos possible:
Photo: Dai Mogi (art director of +ing)
Makeup: Aya Komatsu
Clothes: OWL (designer: Natsuki Nakano)