the taste's still dancin' in my mouth

I was invited to the Japan Fashion Week in Soho by my hairstylist, Takeo. It was held in a newly renovated loft on Mercer Street, and the event was part of New York Fashion Week as Designer Preview in New York. The music by Alex from Tokyo was awesome, and I thought the spotlight showcasing each brands on the hardbrick walls were a nice finishing touch to the whole cool downtown vibe. The most ogle-worthy though, were the Japanese-designed clothes specially flown in for the show. The models walked out of the arched passage ways in threes in the beautiful clothes for all to drool.

Designer: Michail Gkinis
aptform by michail gkinis Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York

Chaolu Lab
Designer: Satoshi Hiramoto
chaolu lab by satoshi hiramoto Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York
chaolu lab by satoshi hiramoto 2 Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York

Mikio Sakabe
Designer: Mikio Sakabe
mikio sakabe 3 Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York
mikio sakabe Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York

Naoshi Sawayanagi
Designer: Naoshi Sawayanagi
naoshi sawayanagi Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York
naoshi sawayanagi 2 Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York
naoshi sawayanagi 3 Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York
naoshi sawayanagi 4 Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York

The Dress & Co.
Designer: Hideaki Sakaguchi
the dress & co. hideaki sakaguchi Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York

Designer: Naomi Yamamoto
tiny dinosaur by naomi yamamoto Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York

Designer: Yu Konishi
Yu by Yu Konishi Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York

Yu by Yu Konishi 2 Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York

Yu by Yu Konishi 3 Japan Fashion Week 2010 in New York

I also had the pleasure of meeting designer Yu Konishi of Yu (the one posing for a photo on the left) who is based in Sydney currently. The concept of "Personal Timeless Perfection" for his line is can be admired through his feminine cuts and elegant details, that are never too stuffy, but done just right for a modern, sensual appeal. Konishi is really approachable and friendly, willing to give you the time of his day to answer any questions you have for him. -fui


"I want to be fashion"

Video from New York Magazine
i love anna dello russo. and nippon vogue. and she's the Japanese Vogue fashion director.
her outfits/street snapshots are always amazing, and she's (fashion-)crazy in such an awesome way. -fui

the spell of the moment

Some of you have asked where's a good place in New York to get a great haircut. Since Hairin and I recently got some thingamagic done to our hair, I decided to blog about it.

Shizen NY, on 627 East 6th (between Ave B and C) is a Japanese hair salon. Their original store, The Oversea, is located in Tokyo's hip Aoyama. All the stylists do freelancing work in New York, contributing to fashion shows, editorial work and magazines like Purple Magazine, Nylon, Journal, Jacques and the newly-launched LUV to name a few. You can check out the stylists' portfolios and profiles on their website: NYSHIZEN. They also have a blog where they update from time to time on the fashion events and art galleries going around in New York.

A haircut costs $65, but there's a 10% discount for students. I must add that their hair coloring services is superb, having done some coloring myself, and walking away totally satisfied. The stylists are all honest in their opinions on what's best for your hair, so they won't make you do triple highlights just so that they can get more out of you, and would recommend you products they themselves have been using for years, which you can buy at the salon.

The salon itself is a beautiful space, with an organic but warm touch. My hairstylist is Takeo, he was working in Tokyo for 8 years, and London for another 2, before coming to New York in 2008. I recommend making an appointment 1 week in advance, especially for the weekends, because it can get quite busy.
hair makeover beforehair makeover after

For the Japanese readers out there:

一年前、髪が長かったので「Shizen」と言う美容院で髪をカットの予約をしました。その本店は東京の青山にあり、「The Oversea」と言います。









light ball

Hairin got a simple 1-color-highlight and this was her first time doing something to her virgin hair.
shizen hair salon new york

shizen hair salon new yorkshizen hair salon new york

shizen hair salon new yorkshizen hair salon new york


Double Trouble at CK



NYC Restaurant Week 2010

Perry St
176 Perry Street
(btwn Washington St and West St)
New York, NY10014
Perry Street New York
Pancakes at Perry Street New York
okay, seriously, i died and went to pancake heaven.

Perry Street New York
Perry Street New York
Perry Street New York
Perry Street New York
Restaurant Week Round 2, anyone? -fui

Jewelry is a girl's best friend

Just doing some shopping...
Maison Martin Margiela's Spring 20`0 jewelry.
Hammered brass made to appear aluminum-foil-wrapped. Ingenious.

Ring at $189 at Antonioli
Necklace $235 at Net-a-porter

Ring $235 at Net-a-Porter

€ 1450.00 Heartbreak by Tjep for Chi Ha Paura...?
The Heartbreak necklace consists of a fragile porcelain heart and light yet strong titanium hammer, both are connected and made inseparable by a titanium chain.
When broken the heart will show cracks, yet it will never fall apart as a layer of rubber on the inside keeps the heart together.
Indeed as one will usually recover from a broken heart, the small cracks will inevitably add up and form who we are.

€ 400.00 Bling Bling by Tjep for Chi Ha Paura...?
Paper-thin layers of gold-plated steel perforated to proclaim the symbolism of modern religion.
Banal logos like those of Coca Cola and Gucci tell the story that jewelery has always told: the world of capital loves to wrap itself in the illusion of timeless beauty.
This medallion is the most branded object in the world.
This piece is part of the permanent collection of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and Museum 't Kruithuis in Den Bosch.

$150 Laura Ring at Korcula

Baby Vamp Rings ($195/$425) and The Vampress Rings ($800-1800) at Bittersweet NY
P.S. For the Baby Vamp Rings, split your pair and give one to your best buddy or sweetie pie.
No extra charge for splitting sets. Use the "message" box at check-out to specify sizes.

Fairytale Church Wedding Ring and Street Lamp Ring at Ambiguous Horse $99 each

Double-Finger Bridge Ring $190 at Little Rooms

Double Finger Lock Ring (available in silver too) $88 at Little Rooms

Stork Scissors Necklace (available in silver too) $65 at Little Rooms

Write Pendant + Necklace at Vane New York

Little Fox Necklace $32 at Frozen Peas

Skull Solitaire Ring by Gisele Gunne £220 at Kibiri

Mars and Valentine Jewelry. Some rings are on sale now from $120-180.
Check out their beautiful bracelets and earrings at Neiman Marcus.

Custom made wedding bands with waveform of couple's own voices.
"I Do" Ring offers a unique opportunity to own a timeless representation of your partner's voice.
Possibly the most unique wedding band ever. Order from Sakurako Shimizu.

And lastly, for when you're feeling a lil' naughty,

This little locket envelope opens up to reveal a miniature Playgirl magazine. Handmade in Paris.
All necklaces shown here cost $51-53 (currently on sale). Check out Locher's Paris jewelry.

Why would we ever limit ourselves to diamonds! -fui