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Some of you have asked where's a good place in New York to get a great haircut. Since Hairin and I recently got some thingamagic done to our hair, I decided to blog about it.

Shizen NY, on 627 East 6th (between Ave B and C) is a Japanese hair salon. Their original store, The Oversea, is located in Tokyo's hip Aoyama. All the stylists do freelancing work in New York, contributing to fashion shows, editorial work and magazines like Purple Magazine, Nylon, Journal, Jacques and the newly-launched LUV to name a few. You can check out the stylists' portfolios and profiles on their website: NYSHIZEN. They also have a blog where they update from time to time on the fashion events and art galleries going around in New York.

A haircut costs $65, but there's a 10% discount for students. I must add that their hair coloring services is superb, having done some coloring myself, and walking away totally satisfied. The stylists are all honest in their opinions on what's best for your hair, so they won't make you do triple highlights just so that they can get more out of you, and would recommend you products they themselves have been using for years, which you can buy at the salon.

The salon itself is a beautiful space, with an organic but warm touch. My hairstylist is Takeo, he was working in Tokyo for 8 years, and London for another 2, before coming to New York in 2008. I recommend making an appointment 1 week in advance, especially for the weekends, because it can get quite busy.
hair makeover beforehair makeover after

For the Japanese readers out there:

一年前、髪が長かったので「Shizen」と言う美容院で髪をカットの予約をしました。その本店は東京の青山にあり、「The Oversea」と言います。









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Hairin got a simple 1-color-highlight and this was her first time doing something to her virgin hair.
shizen hair salon new york

shizen hair salon new yorkshizen hair salon new york

shizen hair salon new yorkshizen hair salon new york

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