The Start of Summer

Some pictures from my newly-moved in summer apartment in the city. Yesterday I also bought a lace pink bralette from Cosabella along with a grey T by Alex Wang muscle tee from Bloomingdales and Opening Ceremony which I predict will be fully utilized this summer. The days have been spent just hanging out and recovering from the pretty brutal but rewarding semester and I'm working on getting a new, better camera...


Just say yes

dress warehouse. blazer brooks brothers. boots frye. bag world food programme feed bag.

These were the photos my friend Bri took at Riverside Park for me to send to Style. I can't believe these were taken mid-semester and that I'm done with my penultimate year at Barnard. I've really grown to love Columbia and the area around Morningside Heights. We are spoiled for choice for parks to run in, we have a decent amount of good restaurants and cafes- Community! Kitchenette! The Heights! Orion's! Nussbaum!- and the neighbourhood is generally pretty safe. Oh, I'll really miss it here when I have to leave.


winsome white

now that i can smell summer - not that pleasant here in new york - again, i have been obsessing about finding the perfect white summer-y dress.

regret x10000 for not buying this alexander wang piece
 carla bruni lounging in one on her album cover
 jen brill rocking white for night

 Rock & Republic
 last year's little white dress (alice + olivia)

 so, i thought this dress was kinda silly at first. i mean, who wants to wear a dress with that many slits down both sides. but when i saw the max azria spring '10 show on video, the way the dress flowed was pretty amazing. and imagine how cool it would feel wearing this on a blasted hot sunny day... well i couldn't get the idea out of my head. but, don't worry, i'm still holding my reservations out on this one... anyway, this dress is available on the bcbg site for $368.

another white dress from max azria's spring '10 line. maybe i'm just a sucker for all things shiny this season, but the embellished-lined slits are just to-die-for, when i saw them in the video glittering carelessly with each sway, so captivating. it's available on their website now for $418. or maybe, i should get the more practical tank version in black for $278. Decisions, decisions...

MET Ball Look #2

 images via justjared and tfs

Alessandra Ambrosia in Atelier Versace


Look #1 Met Ball


Zoe Saldana in Calvin Klein

repurposed best friends

Inspired by haute couture and salvaged materials, San Francisco artist Emiko Oye creates one-of-a-kind, urban jewelry and sculptures from recycled materials in combination with precious metals and gemstones. Both her jewelry and conceptual sculptures are shown in exhibitions across the United States and in Europe, and are in the Museum of Contemporary Craft Teaching Collection.

Emiko Oye's art

The Duchess

The Duchess 2

Dia de los Muertos de Westwood

Maharajah's 6th

After being wowed by her amazing artwork, I needed to own a piece from her collection, as well as replace my boringly similar jewelery collection. So I went ahead, bought one of her repurposed lego bracelets, and haven't looked back since.

I bought the Gotham bracelet because it was mostly black and i love the purple that contrasted with it. Also, I thought it would go really well with my issey miyake pete skirt, which seriously could use a very innovative piece of jewelry to match it to. One more selling point, it's nostalgic and super fun to be wearing something I used to play with everyday as a kid.

(those aren't scratches on the bracelet, they are lint stuck on from my sweater!)

Handwritten note from the artist. Please support her art!

Would love to start buying the more daring, colorful pieces:

jedi gem $50 
(more futuristic tom binns style)

87 stripe plus $145
lacrema $165

cosmos $225

Batman & Catwoman limited edition earrings $70

More interesting combination and colors to check out at Emiko-o's Etsy store and her website: Reware


old school but with yellow nails

Annalyne McCord via tfs

Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran

varied sources through google images

I'm writing my history final right now in the library and while researching for my paper came across some pictures of the last Empress of Iran who is now living in exile. I just thought she was beautiful, dignified and elegant and this is a much welcome break from the long day of typing I have ahead.-Hairin


Desert Heat

Fernanda Tavares in April 2009 Elle Spain via tfs and mariosierra.net