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Inspired by haute couture and salvaged materials, San Francisco artist Emiko Oye creates one-of-a-kind, urban jewelry and sculptures from recycled materials in combination with precious metals and gemstones. Both her jewelry and conceptual sculptures are shown in exhibitions across the United States and in Europe, and are in the Museum of Contemporary Craft Teaching Collection.

Emiko Oye's art

The Duchess

The Duchess 2

Dia de los Muertos de Westwood

Maharajah's 6th

After being wowed by her amazing artwork, I needed to own a piece from her collection, as well as replace my boringly similar jewelery collection. So I went ahead, bought one of her repurposed lego bracelets, and haven't looked back since.

I bought the Gotham bracelet because it was mostly black and i love the purple that contrasted with it. Also, I thought it would go really well with my issey miyake pete skirt, which seriously could use a very innovative piece of jewelry to match it to. One more selling point, it's nostalgic and super fun to be wearing something I used to play with everyday as a kid.

(those aren't scratches on the bracelet, they are lint stuck on from my sweater!)

Handwritten note from the artist. Please support her art!

Would love to start buying the more daring, colorful pieces:

jedi gem $50 
(more futuristic tom binns style)

87 stripe plus $145
lacrema $165

cosmos $225

Batman & Catwoman limited edition earrings $70

More interesting combination and colors to check out at Emiko-o's Etsy store and her website: Reware

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