winsome white

now that i can smell summer - not that pleasant here in new york - again, i have been obsessing about finding the perfect white summer-y dress.

regret x10000 for not buying this alexander wang piece
 carla bruni lounging in one on her album cover
 jen brill rocking white for night

 Rock & Republic
 last year's little white dress (alice + olivia)

 so, i thought this dress was kinda silly at first. i mean, who wants to wear a dress with that many slits down both sides. but when i saw the max azria spring '10 show on video, the way the dress flowed was pretty amazing. and imagine how cool it would feel wearing this on a blasted hot sunny day... well i couldn't get the idea out of my head. but, don't worry, i'm still holding my reservations out on this one... anyway, this dress is available on the bcbg site for $368.

another white dress from max azria's spring '10 line. maybe i'm just a sucker for all things shiny this season, but the embellished-lined slits are just to-die-for, when i saw them in the video glittering carelessly with each sway, so captivating. it's available on their website now for $418. or maybe, i should get the more practical tank version in black for $278. Decisions, decisions...

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  1. cool! i love the white dresses!this summer's essential!