Break those chains that bind you

This past weekend my friends and I went to Calle Ocho, a Cuban restaurant on the Upper West Side to have dinner before one of them went off to Chile for study abroad. It was my second time there and it's hasn't disappointed both times.

It has flattering lighting, lively music, a good-looking crowd, good food, making for a captivating atmosphere. They serve this doughy bread before your meal filled with cheese and accompanied with a black bean dip which is so good, I had three last night. Their sangria is also delicious as is their food. Between all of us we had a soft taco platter with chipotle chicken, shrimp, grilled beef, guacamole, mushroom paella, salmon and snapper cerviche which we attacked before I even remembered I had a camera with me. I then had to improvise on outfit shots in the cab on the way back to school.

dress haute hippie. watch follie follie. jewelry assorted.

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