wine me and dine me, bring those platinum rings; those are a few of our favourite things.

Thought it would be kinda cool to share my ring collection. These are merely the tip of an iceberg, but they're my favourites. I'm never without a ring (unless I'm drawing or doing some form of 'hard labour'), but nowadays I'm into wearing four or five at a time. Yeah, I have an obsession.

The One that Started it All: designed by my mom and originally set with diamonds and amethyst. I requested she swap the amethyst for onyx and give it to me. And she did.

My newest acquisition from my London trip:

Alexander McQueen, King of Skulls. (he single-handedly revived the skull trend)

xox0, Yy.


  1. oh my gosh the amcqueen ring is AMAZING. and your MOM designed that second pic??? wow that one is absolutely gorgeous i gasped a little when i saw it!!

  2. great rings... i was thinking recently to start wearing some...

  3. @denise: thank you! yea, my mom has a penchant for designing jewellery, because she loves making sets to match her outfits. i sometimes contribute to the design or request stuff. next up: snake ring in black gold with ruby eyes. can't wait.

    @divinitus: thanks! accessories are awesome. i always figure they're the best to invest in, because no matter how fat or old you get you can always wear 'em. haha.

    @jermaineoscar: glad you enjoyed it! it's nice to get a response and it encourages me to find more things to put up. =]

    xox0, Yy