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Stella McCartney Resort 2010 from http://style.com/

Stella McCartney's resort collection is pretty close to perfect. There is an incredible range to the clothes, all of which translate very well into daily life. Her accessories- those black sandals! the gold necklace and bangles made of giant studs! that green clutch! complement the clothes flawlessly. Anouck's choice as a model is brilliant, I love the way her playfulness brings out the character in the clothes. Even the styling of the clothes and the set is genius with the black balloons and the carefully crafted nonchalance. I know what I'll be looking out for 6 months from now.

In other news, I went to take a look at the Club21 sale today. 45-60% off spring merchandise made alot of the Helmut Lang and Acne pieces at Blackjack very affordable but nothing stopped my heart. What did though was what I thought was the most perfect sleeveless, above-the-knee black lace shift dress at D&G with a low scoop back and an exposed zipper running down the back. Alas, it was much too short when I tried it on but someone out there should buy it. It's amazing, and at around $400 with the discount it will be money well spent.

I also saw this viscose and mohair hooded sweater with incredible draping at Giogio Armani. It was navy blue, spun with gold. Again, amazing, so warm when you put it on and so cool with the hood. I was *this* close to bringing it home with me but I'm going to have to justify this purchase to myself before getting it.-Hairin

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