Sanrio Puroland opened in 1990 in Tokyo's Tama New Town. Mei and I went there to revisit our childhood memories, of the cutest cartoon characters that we had on our bags, lunchboxes, keychains, and more as children - prove of Japan's amazing ability to merchandise everything and anything at full blast. Obviously we had a kawaii-attack in there, but it was really nostalgic too. 
Hello Kitty & Hello Daniel
Mei wears: dress from a blogshop. slippers cotton on. bag tocco
My favorite Sanrio characters are Bad Badtz and Little Twin Stars. Bad Badtz is swelling up with tears here as he gets spanked: 
Badtz-Maru is a penguin. His birthday is April 1st. He is one of the few Sanrio characters that is marketed to both males and females. In Japanese "badtz" (batsu) is a term for "X", the cross signifying a wrong answer. "Maru" means circle or "O", and signifies a correct answer. Thus, his name figuratively means "wrong-correct," and is frequently represented by "XO". Badtz-Maru has many different facial expressions and poses, but a common expression is of pulling one eye down and sticking out his tongue, a gesture equivalent to blowing a raspberry. (wiki)
Little Twin Stars is a pair of characters. The little brother is called Kiki, and the elder sister is called Lala. Kiki has blue hair, while Lala has pink hair (sometimes, Kiki's hair is brown, while Lala's hair is blonde). They were introduced in 1975 and enjoyed popularity in the early 1980s. (wikipedia)
I'm wearing: dress gap. cardigan club monaco. shoes nanette lepore for keds. bag alexander wang. 
sunsets are beautiful. 


  1. this is so cute and i love your bag!!!

  2. rock on japanese/new york ladies. caught this looking for badz in oklahoma