Standard operating procedure

So this week has been pretty uneventful. Fui left for Japan on Wednesday, fulfilling her year-long desire to turn twenty there leaving me behind to steer this ship from Singapore while she posts from her beloved Japan. My days have been pretty routine. I hit the gym in the morning then catch up on the week's headlines via the Financial Times before slowly going through the year's worth of Business Week magazines to try to figure out what to do with my investments. Then I either meet my friends for a bit of coffee in town and have a look at the shops before heading home to organize our online shop and have dinner with my family if I did not make other plans.

Hence my daily outfits have been pretty standard, fuss-free and well-ventilated enough to beat Singapore's humidity. I usually opt for a sheer tee shirt from labels that run the gamut from American Apparel to The Row paired with either my Witchery leggings, paper-thin acid-washed Eryn Brinie jeans or my J Brand flares, finished off with my brown leather sandals and a large bag that can be slung across my body- my white Chanel and green YSL Rive Gauche are currently in heavy rotation.

I'm wearing: tee massimo dutti. leggings witchery. bag ysl rive gauche. flats hogan. bangle house of harlow.

I had a pretty good Saturday today though. I spent some time with my family in the morning before heading over to my friend Beth's house where Mel, Beth and I attempted to bake Isaac Mizrahi's banana rum cake. We couldn't locate rum in time so we substituted it for Bailey's Irish Cream. Although the icing was not as fluffy as we wanted it to be, the cake still tasted pretty good. I then headed home for my bru, Tessa's, birthday dinner and I'm now in a cake coma after having her strawberry shortcake birthday cake from The Patissier and an oreo cheesecake on top of our banana cake. I'll leave you guys with an image of the the strawberry shortcake. Have a great Sunday!-Hairin

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