Dusty Pinnk


I'm wearing: top stella mccartney. jeans dip gap. bag ysl besace. sandals random.
I made an effort to break out of my daily neutral palette today and decided to wear this pink Stella McCartney top which I bought from her outlet in Florence about a year ago and told myself why not go all the way and carried my YSL Besace bag in a similar colour as well. I should really use this bag more often. It's a great size for a bag and can transition well from day to night. I love its structured yet relaxed shape as well as its embossed texture. -Hairin


  1. i generally dislike matching accessories but i find this pairing very beautiful. the bag especially is gorgeous; how is the quality?

  2. It's great! I have no complaints, the seams of the bag look strong enough so I have no worries when I carry books in it and it's pretty well-stitched as well. It's ageing well:)

  3. so preettyyyy

  4. Love! Wonderful dirtypink against black, denim structure, flowy top...