the beautiful mystery

I was searching for jewelry online when I chanced upon Gulnur Ozdaglar's jewelry and products made from pet bottles. Given the recent global efforts to keep our Earth green, Ozdaglar does that and more with her dedication to art and values, and a conscious mind. and Her blog , Tertium Non Data which means 'the third is not given', is inspiring with beautiful photos of her handicrafts and the best thing is she is selling her magical artworks in her etsy shop and she ships to everywhere in the world for a fee of US$10.-fui
cobalt blue peony necklace
orange peony necklace
bowl with flowers
bowl pet
Picture 9
Picture 10
What you can get now at her etsy shop:
chained blues necklace
chained blues neckalce details
lotus brooch
lotus brooch orange
necklace turquoise
blue bowl
jellyfish bowl
jellyfish bowl details

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