I'll have my thick portfolio and you'll have two children down from four

I'm wearing: tee american apparel sexuali-tee. jeans diy gap. bag chanel. chain salvatore ferragamo. sunglasses bottega veneta.

Yesterday my friend and I wrote our life lists about our dreams, goals and where we want our life to be in ten years. It was a healthy experiment, requiring us to be completely honest with ourselves and put some things into perspective. Having written some of our innermost desires down, we kept the lists and decided not to look at it again, til we retrieve it in ten years to see how we're doing.-Hairin

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  1. Girl that outfit is amazing ! I really wish i can stick my hand through my screen and steal (ok. borrow!) your sunglasses.

    Love the idea of the life list. I wish i had done that ! Come to think of it, it's not to late : )