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jennifer choi the designer

How did u get involved in Wardroblings 2009?

I was introduced to Wardroblings by Sean, who's going to parsons with me this fall. He is a blogger at a fashion blog called saythefword.wordpress.com,

 and linked me with Denise who also writes on the same blog. She is the president of the Fashion Fraternity , which is a start up fashion PR firm by six bright sparks, all students from Singapore Management University. They hold Wardroblings annually in conjunction with Zouk .

Pictures of Jennifer's collection at Wardroblings 2009:
jennifer choi wardroblings zouk fashion show
jennifer choi wardroblings zouk fashion show finale

jennifer choi wardroblings zouk fashion show models

What projects have you been involved in so far? What led you to designing your own clothes?
So far Wardroblings has been my first official project.
It's a little of a long story. I had a visual arts background from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) but I didn't know which field I should go into. I knew I had the talent and passion for art and design, but was unclear of the path ahead. It was now or never and people say that if you want to find yourself, lose yourself! So I took a gap year to get lost in all things art and design, to experiment in all those areas I had been curious about, to just go for it. While creating pieces for my portfolio, I also took a graphic design course at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, and beginners dressmaking at Kadomay. I fell in love with dressmaking. With the basics I started designing and sewing through trial and error, my own clothes. I just needed an outlet to feed my fashion desires, as any girl would like she does with shopping, and as any designer would, one to fill the creative. It is certainly a dream that I am able to do both!

What are you inspired by and who do you picture wearing your clothes?
I'm inspired by everything that interests me. I work like an information maven, sorta like a packrat, whatever I see or listen to, translates into my imagination and comes out a bit different, remixed with my own interpretations. I don't read much of mags but I do like watching fashion tv. I think it's good to know about the trends, because fashion is after all a business and you have to know what's in demand, but you have to have an inner sense of style and a knowledge of life. Fashion is fed from the outside in. I design what I want to wear, I don't really like things that are too normal unless they are classic, so I suppose it would be someone who likes to be classy, eclectic and different. She would also love to mix and match.

jennifer choi 80s power shoulders jacketjennifer choi purple ballerina dress

Would you continue pursuing this line of fashion or would you keep your options open?
Definitely. It is something I think of even when I'm asleep! To control how something appears out of a bunch of cloth and thread and watch it bring a smile to people's faces is pure magic. I don't think I will tire of it, at least not in the next 50 years... I am sure I would still think about what to put on from the wardrobe the next morning and want to look good.

What are you going to be majoring in at Parsons?
Fashion design :) I'm so excited!

Jennifer is currently in New York right now and you can check out her blog at FRESHEASTFASHION!

Some of her designs:
Vestige collection - Meridian Hour
Vestige Collection: Meridian Hour
Vestige Collection - Dusk
Vestige Collection: Dusk

jennifer choi drawings 80's purple off shoulder dressjennifer choi designs 80's purple off shoulder dress

jennifer choi designs lime green and black dressjennifer choi designs blue tassels dress

The Bourbon Restoration-a personified guillotine, king louis XVIII, voltaire in hell, beethoven, lord byron, romanticised knight.

Of this particular drawing: "The Bourbon Restoration

a personified guillotine, king louis XVIII, voltaire in hell, beethoven, lord byron, romanticised knight

But the colours are so typically me. As you can tell I somehow like organized mess. The dress looks very Manish Arora Hmm... Call it the emancipated Victorian look.

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