look in the mirror and realize that you're not alone in this world

National day holiday at Fika, a chill, slightly minimalist and almost solely outfitted in Ikea(what else?) Swedish bistro my friends found on 257 Arab Street to celebrate my friend, Nurul's birthday. In the background of the third picture is an absolutely delightful strawberry cream layered chocolate cake mhy other friend, Syin, baked, smothered in chocolate ganache. It was a pretty awesome find, we have a running joke in my circle of friends about Sweden because one of my friends is absolutely smitten with all things Swedish and this would have made her so happy.
Wish you were here with us Naga and best of luck during your new school year!xoxo Hairin


  1. you forgot me rin :(
    <3 zsa :)

  2. you're just not as obsessed with Sweden as our friend. love you too and enjoy school!